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Navigating Through Crisis. A Testimony of Resilience and Hope.

The recent cyber attack on Change Healthcare has unveiled vulnerabilities within our national healthcare infrastructure, leaving small businesses, including clinics in rural areas like ours at United Family Center, in a precarious position. This incident has not just disrupted our operations; it has shed light on the critical need for robust protections against such digital threats.


The Immediate Impact

For small businesses and healthcare providers across the nation, the consequences have been immediate and stressful. Our operations hinge on the smooth processing of data and reimbursements—functions that were directly impacted by the cyber attack. While we reassure our clients that their information remains secure to the best of our knowledge, the alarming nature of this incident cannot be understated. The delay in response from Change Healthcare, coupled with a slow federal reaction, has only compounded the unease, leaving us to question the security measures in place to protect such vital data.


A Ray of Hope Through Direct Intervention

In these trying times, a significant breakthrough came when I reached out to Andrew Witty, the CEO of UnitedHealth Group. Understanding the severity of our plight, Mr. Witty personally ensured our situation was directed to the right people. This action expedited our issues to individuals who could offer the necessary assistance, leading to the resolution of several of our pressing concerns within the week. This direct intervention was a pivotal moment for us, providing the relief needed to see the light at the end of the tunnel and allowing me to breathe a little easier.


The Stress on Rural Healthcare

Clinics in rural areas, already stretched thin, face an amplified stress level. The delay in addressing these issues exacerbates the financial strain, pushing many to the brink. It's clear that we need stronger legislative measures or requirements for large data handlers to prevent future occurrences. The safety and privacy of client data, the lifeline of our operations, should never be in jeopardy.


A Testament to Team Resilience

Yet, amidst this chaos, the resilience and dedication of healthcare teams nationwide have shone brightly. Many providers, therapists, and support staff have continued to deliver essential services, some even without pay, prioritizing patient care above all else. At United Family Center, I've witnessed firsthand the understanding and commitment of our team members. Their unwavering dedication to our clients, even in the face of personal financial uncertainty, has been nothing short of inspiring.


The Silver Lining

This journey through crisis has been a profound turning point for us. It forced us to scrutinize every aspect of our operations, ensuring that we're not just surviving but emerging stronger and more sustainable. The direct support from leaders like Andrew Witty and the unity within our team have underscored the importance of resilience, the value of our mission, and the critical role we play in the lives of those we serve.


As we look to the future, we do so with a stronger, more focused vision, ready to face any challenge with the same resilience and dedication that has brought us this far. The road ahead remains challenging, but with a team as dedicated as ours and a community that supports each other, we are poised to overcome these hurdles and continue providing vital services to our community.

-Humberto Rodriguez, CEO, United Family Center

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